Mammoth-San Manuel Unified School District

Website Awards

Mammoth-San Manuel School District is proud of its comprehensive Web presence and the information it continues to provide to its parents, teachers, students, and community. And, occasionally, others recognize our efforts as well! We'll post any website awards below.

Our website is part of our comprehensive communications strategy and we make every effort to include quality, informative content for our website visitors. To make our website easy to use, we focus on intuitive navigation and we utilize best practices for website management for schools. We hope you will take full advantage of all that our website offers. If you can’t find something you need, please let our webmaster know.

Timelines World's Best Award and Timelines Future Award

"As evaluator and owner of Timelines Award Program, I am proud to award your site with Timelines World's Best Award and Timelines Future Award. The World's Best Award honors sites that show unique excellence in content, presentation, design, and coding. Timelines Future Award awards websites showing content that will keep its validity for a long time. Thank you for giving the World Wide Web such a wonderful website."

Time Keeper Nominee

Time Keeper NomineeThe Time Keeper's mission is to recognize webmasters who have taken the time to build quality sites which are of interest to those who view sites on the Internet. The webmasters who win our award must have built their sites with care given to detail, using imaginative and creative ideas and must be able to pass our criteria.

Ultraweb Award

We have been nominated for an Ultraweb Award! Since 1999, the Ultraweb Awards has encouraged webmasters to strive for excellence by honoring the world's best websites, which combine quality content, superb design, flawless functionality, independent thinking, and creative personality.