Mammoth-San Manuel Unified School District
Football students with face paint in gym with other students

Mammoth-San Manuel Alumni

Fifty one years ago, our school district was in its infancy. Construction of the mine and plant areas brought students from around the world who, along with area students, attended school in barrack buildings and limited school facilities. Our alumni includes successful members of every profession, all of whom have a deep pride in whom we are and where we started. In some families, the third generation is now attending our schools.

We will spotlight our alumni here, so be sure to visit this page often to see what they have been up to.

The Acosta Family

We're proud to claim the Acostas as part of our Mammoth-San Manuel family. They were recently featured in the Arizona Daily Star as a successful family that has overcome many obstacles in order to educate their children and create a good life for themselves. We invite you to read their inspiring story.